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Services Provided For the Testing and Repair of "MC" Transports, Containers and Pressure Vessels

Keehn Service Corporation was started by William F. Keehn, Jr. in 1962 for the sole purpose of repairing MC-330 tank trucks (bobtails) and transports predominantly in propane service. Prior to this time he was employed by the Downingtown Iron Works, who manufactured this same type of equipment. Bill was instrumental in the development of the first propane delivery truck back in the 1940's. Since that time the regulations governing the transportation of compressed gases have matured such that the vessels used on the highways today represent a hybrid piece of equipment. Care and quality must be foremost in the minds of the repair facility chosen to work on these units. We of Keehn Service Corporation have devoted over 45 years to the study, repair, and now manufacture of MC-330, 331 tank trucks, transports, and storage vessels. Below are some attributes of our repair facility.

Active in the development of new regulations as proposed by DOT. We participated in the Dynamic Sciences study in the early 1980's which was the research work behind HM-183. We also submitted extensive comments to DOT in response to HM-183, both through the National Propane Gas Association and on our own.

Participated in Corrosion 88 for NACE. Submitted a paper on "External Corrosion of MC-330, 331 Transports" which is still in publication today. We have seen these units mature over the past thirty years and know some of the problem areas that can appear and what to do to correct them.

Familiar with materials of construction and soft seating materials and where they should be used. Compressed gas transports today can carry a huge variety of commodities which have particular properties. One must go beyond the requirement for "MC-xxx" in the regulations and investigate all the associated requirements for a specific commodity.

Extensive list of qualified welding procedures including various types of carbon and stainless steels along with other more exotic metals such as nickel, copper-nickel, titanium, aluminum, nrb, corrosion resistant overlays, explosion bonded plates, etc.

We have taken a proactive position in this industry over the past 45+ years. If you have any questions please feel free to call us any time or fill out our contact form. We would be pleased to visit your location and provide free estimates for any equipment repairs you may need.

"Keehn rehabbed a junk box 15,500 gal propane trailer for us in 2010 - complete gut job, cut out 5 axles, added all new under carriage with a steerable lift front axle for NY, new everything. Absolutely amazing job, quality work, fair pricing, great to work with. They've also worked on my MC331 CO2 bulk truck tanks, rehabbed a couple. Top notch work. Highly recommend Keehn!"

- Mike Taylor
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