Our Business Has Always Been About Propane Trucks

Services Provided for the Testing and Repair of "MC" Transports, Containers, and Pressure Vessels

At Keehn Service Corporation, when we say our business has always been about propane trucks—we mean it. Our founder, William F. Keehn, Jr., began his early career manufacturing this same type of equipment. Bill was even instrumental in developing the first propane delivery truck in the 1940s. His passion and experience in the industry are just some of the reasons he established Keehn Service Corporation in 1962.

While transporting compressed gases has evolved over the years, Keehn continues to keep vehicles like yours on the highway. We know better than most that the trucks you use today are hybrid pieces of equipment, which require extensive knowledge, expert care, and first-rate quality handling, which is why we stay adaptable for you. We've spent decades devoted to studying, repairing, and manufacturing MC-330, 331 tank trucks, transports, and storage vessels. In fact, we almost always have bobtail trucks for sale right here on our website!

Below are some attributes of our repair facility and what makes us truly unique.

And the best part? Here at Keehn, we've taken a proactive position in this industry over the past several decades. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us any time or fill out our contact form. We would be pleased to visit your location and provide free estimates for any equipment repairs you may need.

Why You Should Work with Us

There are many reasons why people choose to work with us here at Keehn Service Corporation. But we think one of the biggest reasons is because we're focused on propane trucks. It's what we're all about. And when you've been selling and servicing propane trucks for as long as we have, you develop a rock-solid reputation with your customers.

At Keehn, our customers know that they can rely on us for our expert knowledge in the field. These attributes have allowed us to become an industry leader in the propane transport industry. Here are a few more reasons we here a Keehn, think you should work with us:

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Our Experience

At Keehn Service, we are extremely familiar with selling and servicing propane trucks—a by-product of nearly 60 years of experience. We live and breathe propane trucks. We're not content simply selling and servicing them, but we've had extensive experience being hands-on in the industry, participating in studies, and authoring papers in the field.

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Our Dedication

We are a dedicated team here at Keehn, and dedication doesn't stop after we sell a truck or service to one of our customers. We care about your success. We want to help you get back on the road, quickly and easily, so that your business can be as successful. That's how we measure our own success.

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Our Preparedness

We are always prepared to provide propane truck solutions to our customers. It's why we provide the wide array of services and products that we do. It's also why we utilize the latest design software to design custom stainless steel storage tanks, and why our employees keep their skills and knowledge ever-growing and obtain qualified certifications.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

"Keehn rehabbed a junk box 15,500 gal propane trailer for us in 2010 - complete gut job, cut out 5 axles, added all new under carriage with a steerable lift front axle for NY, new everything. Absolutely amazing job, quality work, fair pricing, great to work with. They've also worked on my MC331 CO2 bulk truck tanks, rehabbed a couple. Top notch work. Highly recommend Keehn!"

- Mike Taylor
Combined Energy Services

Trust in Keehn When Looking for Bobtail Trucks. Just Contact Us Below!

Searching for a bobtail truck for sale? Well, you're in luck! At Keehn Service Corporation, we have plenty of new and used models for sale for all your propane delivery truck needs. And that's not all we do. Whether it's sales and services, truck conversions and repairs, or propane truck parts, your go to resource to tackle all your propane truck needs. Have additional questions? Contact us today to get answers or to discuss your unique propane truck needs.

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