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When you're ready to enlarge your fleet with another propane delivery truck or replace an aging one, you want to ensure the bobtail you pick is high-quality. Propane transport vehicles need to be safe, sturdy, and comfortable. When shopping for a new bobtail, you deserve an easy transaction without being haggled to death over prices and features.

That's where Keehn Service Corporation comes in! We have both new and used bobtails for sale. Each truck we offer has essential features like stainless steel components, a reliable hose reel, and precise liquid controls for optimal performance. Plus, when you choose us, you're not just purchasing a bobtail for sale. You're securing a partnership. Our comprehensive services provide all your bobtail propane truck needs—from hassle-free purchasing to convenient serving and on-site DOT inspections.

With full fabrication capabilities to build new bobtails to your exact specifications and full truck and trailer decal and painting services, we are ready to get you the truck you need. Explore our range of products today to find the perfect bobtail for your operations.

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Are you looking to upgrade your fleet with cutting-edge bobtail propane trucks? Hoping to improve the service and experience your propane delivery provides? Keehn Service Corporation is your go-to place for the latest models. Our new builds are meticulously engineered using stainless steel components and equipped with a sturdy hose reel and accurate liquid controls, ensuring you get a high-quality, durable, and reliable truck. Unlike our competitors, we offer complete customization options, allowing you to tailor your truck to fit your specific needs.

With Keehn, you're not just purchasing a propane bobtail truck for sale. You're investing in a solution designed to streamline your operations and get a full-service team behind your operation. Our new builds are robust, efficient, and have the latest safety features, ensuring a safer and smoother delivery process. We can also custom-build a bobtail to your exact specifications. We have all your propane bobtail truck needs—from sales to service! Explore our new builds today!

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See Us First When Looking for a Propane Bobtail for Sale

When it comes to propane bobtails for sale, Keehn Service Corporation stands out from the crowd. Our entire range of propane trucks goes through rigorous testing to ensure our new and pre-owned bobtail trucks are safe and high-quality. We offer both new and used trucks that cater to a wide range of budgets and requirements, including:

  • New bobtail trucks built to order, on your chassis or ours
  • New bobtail propane delivery trucks—in stock and ready to roll
  • Pre-owned bobtail trucks for sale (call for pricing and availability)
  • Pre-owned truck trade-ins accepted

Unlike other providers, we prioritize quality and durability, whether a brand-new build or a pre-owned model. Our pre-owned bobtail trucks undergo thorough inspections and necessary repairs before they're put up for sale, ensuring you get a vehicle that's as good as new. Our transparent pricing means you won't be haggled to death over prices and features. With Keehn, you can trust you're getting a top-notch propane bobtail at fair and competitive prices with high-quality service included!

From our custom-built bobtail trucks to our on-site repairs and inspections, we pride ourselves on the services we provide to every customer. We can also deliver your new propane truck to your front door—ask us how!

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Looking for a Custom Bobtail for Sale?

We know your business is unlike anyone else's, so why should your propane bobtail truck be? If you want a custom, built-to-order bobtail for your fleet of propane delivery trucks, Keehn Service Corporation can make it! We hold the ASME "U" Stamp Number 8918 for authorization to build new equipment, and our shop fabrication team is second to none. We love a new challenge and can happily build you a new propane truck or refurbish a pre-owned bobtail.

We know propane delivery inside and out. Between our long-standing relationship with PennDOT to help write laws, and our long-lived business providing high-quality propane delivery trucks, you can trust us to provide the best custom bobtail services. Between long-haul deliveries and short stops, big drop-offs, and multiple top-offs, we can tailor new or pre-owned bobtail propane trucks to your exact needs and expectations.

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Why Bobtails Remain an Industry Standard

Are you making deliveries to remote locations? Need a more maneuverable delivery system? Anyone who has driven a bobtail truck likely understands these vehicles' versatility, efficiency, and reliability. These trucks can do it all and are valuable assets to any business's vehicle fleet. They can transport small to medium-sized loads on highways and back roads. Propane bobtail trucks are an essential part of any propane delivery fleet.

In the trucking industry, there are three types of bobtail trucks:

  1. A semi-truck without a trailer attached
  2. Small to medium-sized trucks where every axle is connected to the same chassis
  3. A straight propane truck

In some cases, like some of the bobtails for sale at Keehn Service Corporation, a bobtail truck fits into the last two categories: a small to a medium-sized truck with a specifically designed tank attached to the back of the vehicle.

While driving a bobtail can take some getting used to, it remains an industry standard due to the easy transition from a larger passenger vehicle to this efficiently sized commercial one. Let us help you set your team up for success and make an educated decision about your next purchase—stop in to see our bobtails for sale for yourself!

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Bobtail Warranty & Repairs You Can Count On

At Keehn, we stand behind the quality of our bobtail trucks for sale. All our new and remounted propane delivery trucks come with a one-year warranty (excluding the chassis, which the original vehicle manufacturer covers), giving you peace of mind and assurance of our commitment to quality. We've got you covered if any issues arise within the warranty period. The same warranty applies to new transports, transport refurbishments, and repairs.

But our commitment to you doesn't end with the sale. We also offer on-site DOT inspections and comprehensive repair services, ensuring your bobtail propane truck stays in optimal condition. We know you must have your propane delivery trucks running constantly without traveling back and forth from a distant service or inspection center. Our team of experienced technicians is always ready to assist with any maintenance or repair needs, providing quick and efficient solutions so you can get back on the road faster. Get in touch with our knowledgeable team for all propane trucks' qualifications and limitations.

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Get a Better Propane Truck Electrical System with THE KEEHN KLEAN HARNESS SYSTEM

A propane truck's electrical system is responsible for nearly 80% of front and back upfitter issues, and poor wiring and complex design can be challenging to repair. We invented our patented Keehn Klean Harness System to eliminate driver frustration and repair time caused by poorly designed or overly complicated wiring systems. This innovative system ensures your bobtail operates smoothly and efficiently, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

How often do you think your delivery persons have to go back and forth from the rear of your vehicle to double-check brake locks and PTO indicators? With our system, you can see these before you even enter the cab. The at-a-glance monitoring of your propane delivery lights, brakes, valves, and other considerations will provide your delivery with higher safety standards and more efficient deliveries.

It's just one more way Keehn's experience makes your job easier.

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Why Turn to Keehn for Bobtail Propane Trucks? We've Been Selling and Servicing Propane Tanks Since 1962

When searching for a propane bobtail for sale, you want to be sure you're getting a reliable vehicle that will deliver propane safely and efficiently. While many heavy equipment dealers are on the market, wise propane truck owners and Pennsylvania fleet operators turn to propane transport equipment experts—Keehn Service Corporation.

Since 1962, we have devoted our business to diligently repairing and manufacturing MC-330 tank trucks (bobtails), transports, and storage vessels. We only hire the best in every area of our business. From our tenured and experienced design and fabrication teams to our professional service and inspection representatives, we're proud to lead our industry.

Plus, we've been leaders in this industry since day one. Our owner, William F. Keehn, Jr., was instrumental in developing the first propane delivery truck in the 1940s. Some 20 years later, he founded Keehn Service Corporation to bring his knowledge and passion to owners/operators in Pennsylvania. Since then, we've been active in the propane industry and even helped develop DOT regulations.

Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart from our competitors. From the moment you contact us to the after-sales service, we're with you every step of the way. We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers and are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure you're satisfied with your purchase. We don't just rest on laurels. We earn this reputation every day by providing the absolute best propane truck sales and services in the industry!

What Do Our Customers Have to Say?

Don't just take our word for it—our customers' testimonials speak volumes about our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. From businesses expanding their fleets to independent contractors looking for a reliable bobtail, our customers appreciate our trucks' quality and exceptional service.

"Keehn did some fabrication work for us recently, and we couldn't be happier with the results. They do such great work. Highly recommend!"
- Jay S. via Google
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For a Top-of-the-Line Bobtail for Sale, Visit Keehn Today!

At Keehn Service Corporation, we know you want to find a high-quality, reliable bobtail for sale. But you're worried the process will be too long and complicated, and you don't have the time for it. We believe you deserve only the best vehicles for your business and a straightforward buying process that doesn't have any hoops to jump through.

That's why we offer our high-quality propane tankers and bobtails for sale at transparent prices and without obnoxious add-ons or pointless fees. We want to give you the best experience possible, from purchasing a new propane truck to getting your yearly inspections and servicing your fleet. Here's how you can get started:

  1. Browse our selection online, visit us in person, or give us a call. We'll be happy to help you with our propane equipment for sale or chat about your needs and goals.
  2. Purchase the bobtail of your choice. Our straightforward buying process makes it quick to be the proud new owner of a high-quality bobtail.
  3. Ask about customization options. Whether you want it painted to match your other trucks or a company decal added, we can help. We can also build you a completely custom bobtail if you wish.

Get in touch with us today to buy the bobtail your business needs. In the meantime, check out our other equipment for sale, such as our propane trucks and propane tankers. Check out our gallery for examples of our high-quality propane trucks. Don't let the stress of finding the right bobtail for sale hold you back. Explore our range today, knowing that with Keehn, you're not just buying a truck but investing in a solution designed to streamline your operations. So why wait? Shop now and experience the Keehn difference!

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