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Capabilities - synonyms: ability, capacity, power, potential; competence, proficiency, adeptness, aptitude, wherewithal, experience, skillfulness, talent. All words that come to mind when talking about Keehn Service Corporations design and fabrication capabilities.

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Keehn Service utilizes the latest design software; AutoCAD Inventor for solid modeling and design, PTC Mathcad for engineering calculations and CEI for ASME Code calculations. But software alone does not make one "capable"; Keehn's Engineering has over 50 years of Mechanical, Electrical, Pressure Vessel, Chemical and DOT experience.

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What good are detailed drawings and calculations if you don’t have the fabrication knowledge and skills to make the designs a reality? Here at Keehn, we employ a tenured and experienced shop fabrication team; many with decades of time spent work on propane and chemical bobtail, transport, ISO containers, stationary equipment and field work. Employees are trained in DOT testing and inspections, electrical wiring, piping, fabrication and welding. Ten employees are certified welders to ASME Section IX and are qualified in GMAW, GTAW, SMAW and FCAW welding processes.

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Equipment and Facilities

Keehn maintains 19,200 square feet of truck and trailer shop space with 15 shop bays for truck and trailer fabrication and repairs along with 7 acres of outdoor storage space. Capacities for welding and cutting material to 1-1/2" thick includes mild steel, T-1 steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel and titanium. Lifting capacities range from two 2-ton fork trucks to multiple gantry and yard cranes up to 30 ton.

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