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Inspection and Repair Services On-Site at Your Location

We specialize in getting your equipment back on the road faster.

Tired of disrupting your business to have yearly inspections done or have your trucks repaired? Keehn Service Corporation understands the challenges you face in keeping your equipment up and running. This is why we make "house calls."

Our On-Site Inspection and Repair Service offers:

  • Yearly "V" and "K" inspections performed at your location by our qualified inspectors
  • Volumetric meter proving services that come to you
  • Emergency road repair service to keep you working instead of stuck out on the road

On-Site Inspection and Repair is convenient and cost-effective. We know that many districts are working with fewer workers these days. Our service allows you to keep working instead of running the roads to get the truck fixed. We help you get all your testing completed at one time and mail all testing paperwork in one packet for easy record-keeping.

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Three Big Reasons to Choose Keehn

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  1. We have the experience.
    All Keehn service and inspection representatives are very professional with many years of propane truck repair experience. We've been repairing MC-330 tank trucks (bobtails) and transports predominantly in propane service since 1962, and we only hire the best.

  2. We have the resources.
    Unlike many testing companies that only own a pickup truck, we have a brick and mortar complex with 14 shop bays, four phone lines, and a small army of dedicated employees. In the event of a unit needing more detailed repair, or should other problems arise during on-site inspection and repair, we can bring your equipment to our facility for more complete work.

  3. We care about your business.
    Our main goal is to get you back on the road more quickly, with minimal hassle. We also seek to build long-term partnerships based on our customers' trust in our abilities to help them remain profitable far into the future.
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