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The electrical system of a truck is responsible for nearly 80% of front & back upfitter issues. As modern vehicles require more complicated systems, alterations to these systems are often poorly installed and can cause damage. Inadequate wiring and complex design can be difficult to repair. Your propane delivery needs to be fast and safe, with no holdups or errors from electrical failures.

Our patented Keehn Klean Harness System was invented to eliminate driver frustration and repair time caused by badly designed or overly complicated wiring systems. We have developed this set of switches and tools that can be added to your vehicle for at-a-glance monitoring of propane delivery lights, brakes, valves, and more.

It's just one more way Keehn's experience makes your job easier.

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The Klean Harness Switch Packs

Are you frustrated with how often you climb in and out of your cab? Or struggle with overly complicated displays that take time to navigate? Our Cab Switch Pack and Auxiliary Switch Pack directly monitor your electrical system and help keep you aware of what is on and off at all times.

CSP (Cab Switch Pack)

The CSP (Cab Switch Pack) is configured with a printer and laptop running off the control ease harness system through a dedicated plug. With a dedicated harness, your simplified display will show exactly what you need to know about your lights, brakes, and valves to keep you safe.

ASP (Auxiliary Switch Pack)

The ASP (Auxiliary Switch Pack) allows you to control switched outputs at the rear of the truck. With brake lock and PTO indicator, you can monitor your system's status BEFORE you go back into the cab. This feature saves you time and effort throughout every propane delivery.

The Benefits You Get With the Keehn Klean Harness Systems

Your safety is our priority when we upfit your truck. Most injuries occur when getting in and out of the cab. That's why we want to simplify and upgrade your electrical system for at-a-glance updates inside and outside of your truck. Here's how the Klean Harness — a control ease harness system — can simplify your fleet, make future repairs easier, and save you money down the road.

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You Get A Superior Design

In our control ease harness system, the Klean Harness, circuit protection and switching functions are controlled by a powerful Cooper Bussmann Vehicle Electrical Center (VEC). Every single fuse and electrical item is present within the unit, meaning you won't have to struggle through the process of locating and replacing circuits and connections for each component. Everything is clearly labeled on the VEC for easy troubleshooting.

You never know when your business will change, so the Klean Harness control ease harness is future-proof. The Keehn VEC is designed to accommodate the most advanced systems and components, so future upgrades are a snap.

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Take Control with Ease of Operation

You spend enough time around your truck to know it inside and out. But you don't have the time to pull out every wire, let alone learn every last detail of electrical engineering. The connectors on the Klean Harness System are color-coded for ease of use, and none of the components are hard-wired. Our system has four proximity interlock switches with plug-ends that integrate with Marshall Excelsior products.

More importantly, you often don't have time to wait for a technician. If you ever experience a problem, we can walk you through a series of simple troubleshooting steps so you can make your own repairs and get back on the road. Need a new part? We'll send it to you in the mail, and you can plug it in yourself. You don't just get a new system and a handbook. You get our full support and service!

Prevent Confusion With Consistency Throughout Your Fleet

When your drivers need to use a new vehicle, they need to spend time learning the new truck and its systems. Using the same system in every vehicle maintains consistency across your fleet. With components in a similar place on every truck, system repairs are standardized, eliminating guesswork and confusion.

Whether you're retrofitting or buying new, the Klean Harness System is a way to simplify your fleet and save time, effort, and money over the long term. Your drivers, engineers, and maintenance crew will all thank you!

Avoid Injury And Error With Enhanced Safety

You work around dangerous elements and heavy machinery every day. Any uncertainty or confusion can easily lead to injury or worse. If you choose a Keehn Klean Control Ease Harness System, you choose a safer work environment for everyone involved. Our switch system is standard, allowing you to automatically turn on switched outputs.


Complete Your Fleet with the Control Ease Harness from Keehn – the Klean Harness!

Your work keeps the lights on across the nation, and the demands of the propane industry never rest. Your work can be dangerous, but it doesn't have to be. With the Klean Harness, your propane trucks will have better displays, better safety measures, and an all-around more convenient control ease harness system. These can provide you with a safer and faster process for faster and more efficient deliveries.

Keehn Service Corporation has led the industry for more than a half-century with innovative fabrication, design, and repair of propane trucks and equipment. For more information about the Klean Harness System or to learn about other ways Keehn can help offer you a competitive advantage, call us toll-free at (877) 859-7129.

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