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Transportation—it's how we move things from one place to another. Whether that's people, animals, food, raw materials, or—in our case—propane, it's a necessity for most businesses. But here at Keehn, transportation is much more than just moving objects. It's about helping you find the best quality propane transport solutions and equipment to make your business as efficient as possible.

We understand how important it is that you have reliable propane transportation. After being collected, the gas will need to be processed and stored in dedicated containers. From there, it then has to be carefully transferred to a dedicated-use propane truck that can handle a large enough volume. That's where we come in.

Our propane tank trailers and trucks are designed with efficiency and safety in mind. So when you're looking for the best propane transport equipment, turn to us at Keehn.

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Types of Propane Transport Equipment

Keehn Service Corporation has led the propane transportation industry for over half a century with innovative design, fabrication, and repair of propane trucks. Whether you need to transport a small or large amount of propane, we have the tanks, trailers, trucks, and parts to help you get the job done!

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Tanks & Trailers

Need propane tankers or other propane transport equipment? Keehn Service can supply truck chassis from Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Hino. Or, you can bring your own chassis and let our team provide a tanker to match. We hold the National Board "R" Stamp (Number 2790) to repair or alter tanks, and we love a challenge!

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Truck Bodies

With full fabrication capabilities to build to your exact specifications—as well as full truck and trailer decal and painting services—we are ready to get you the truck you need. Keehn Service holds the ASME "U" Stamp Number 8918 authorized to build new equipment, and our shop fabrication team is second to none.

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Other Parts

From truck pumps to hose reels or from tire chains to propane meters, Keehn has all of the parts your propane transport could possibly need. We work with a variety of vendors to bring you the exact truck parts and specifications you require, so feel free to browse online or give us a call if you have any questions!

Preserve Your Truck's Electric System With THE KEEHN KLEEN HARNESS SYSTEM

A propane truck's electrical system is responsible for nearly 80% of front and back upfitter issues, and poor wiring and complex design can be difficult to repair. Our patented Keehn Klean Harness System was invented to eliminate driver frustration and repair time caused by badly designed or overly complicated wiring systems.

It's just one more way Keehn's experience makes your job easier.

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