We Offer Only the Best New & Used Propane Trucks for Sale

Keehn Service Corporation has been building and selling Trucks that Deliver Energy since 1962. When it comes to new or used bobtails, propane tankers, or other propane transport equipment, we only supply the best for our valued customers. See Keehn first for propane trucks for sale, including:

  • New bobtail trucks built to order, on your chassis or ours
  • New bobtail propane delivery trucks in stock and ready to roll
  • Pre-owned bobtail trucks for sale (call for pricing and availability)
  • Pre-owned truck trade-ins accepted—is it time for an upgrade?
We can also deliver your new propane truck right to your front door—ask us how!

Are you converting from Fuel Oil to Propane Delivery? We can help!

Propane Delivery Truck

Bobtail Propane Trucks for Sale

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Whether you're shopping for new propane trucks or used propane trucks for sale, see Keehn first. With full fabrication capabilities to build new bobtails to your exact specifications—as well as full truck and trailer decal and painting services—we are ready to get you the truck you need. Keehn Service holds the ASME "U" Stamp Number 8918 authorized to build new equipment, and our shop fabrication team is second to none. Our team takes great pride in their work, whether they're designing and building new propane trucks or refurbishing pre-owned bobtails.

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Propane Tankers for Sale

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Need propane tankers or other propane transport equipment? Keehn Service is more than just bobtails. We can supply truck chassis from Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Hino. Or, you can bring your own chassis and let our team provide a tanker to match. We hold the National Board "R" Stamp (Number 2790) to repair or alter tanks, and we love a challenge. Get in touch with us today to discuss your propane tanker needs.

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Get a Better Propane Truck Electrical System with THE KEEHN KLEEN HARNESS SYSTEM

A propane truck's electrical system is responsible for nearly 80% of front and back upfitter issues, and poor wiring and complex design can be difficult to repair. Our patented Keehn Klean Harness System was invented to eliminate driver frustration and repair time caused by badly designed or overly complicated wiring systems.

It's just one more way Keehn's experience makes your job easier.

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Our Propane Delivery Trucks Come with a 1-Year Warranty

When you purchase a bobtail propane truck from Keehn, you get a basic one-year warranty on all new and remounted propane delivery trucks, excluding the chassis, which is covered by the original vehicle manufacturer. The same warranty applies to new transports, transport refurbishments, and repairs. Get in touch with our knowledgeable team for qualifications and limitations on all our propane trucks.

Count on Keehn for Your Propane Truck Repairs

Not only do we specialize in propane truck and tanker sales, but we're also proud to offer transportation repairs and services. Call Keehn for full repair and remounting services, including work on internal valves, meters, hose reels, pumping systems, and more—at our facility or on-site at your location.

We handle DOT inspections and testing, including P, V, I, K, and T volumetric meter proving. We are licensed in PA and NJ with 20 and 100-gallon provers done on the premises. Keehn also has parts "on the shelf" for rebuilding bobtails, including new rear decks (aluminum and stainless steel), 2G rear bumpers, fenders and supports, side and meter cabinets, lights, and more.

3 Big Reasons to Choose Us to Support Your Propane Business

1. Keehn has the experience.

Since 1962, we have devoted our business to the diligent repair and manufacture of MC-330 tank trucks (bobtails), transports, and storage vessels. We only hire the best in every area of our business. From our tenured and experienced design and fabrication teams to our professional service and inspection representatives, we're proud to lead our industry.

2. Keehn has the resources.

We maintain a large brick and mortar complex with 14 shop bays for truck and trailer fabrication and repairs, as well as 7 acres of outdoor storage space. Our small army of dedicated employees is eager to serve you, no matter your needs. Stuck out on the road? Just give us a call, and we'll come to you!

3. Keehn cares about your business.

Whether you're looking to get rolling for the first time in a new propane truck or get back on the road more quickly, our goal is to help you reach your goals with minimal hassle. It's that simple. We'd love to help you lay the groundwork for your business's expansion, give you inside information about the industry, and help you learn how to be more profitable.

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