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With the ever-increasing number of fuel oil delivery companies adding propane delivery to their list of services, we understand that many businesses have questions about the logistics and practicality of doing the same.

Keehn Service Corporation has been involved in the design, fabrication, and production of propane delivery trucks since 1962—more than three decades longer than anyone else in the industry. We'd love to help lay the groundwork for your business's expansion, give you inside information about the industry, and help you learn how to be more profitable.


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When You Work with Us, You Receive Services That You Can Count On

When you are ready to begin propane fuel delivery, come and talk to us! You'll find a wide range of propane delivery services that range from propane delivery truck sales, repair, and conversions to propane equipment and part sales. We are a one-stop shop for all of your propane delivery needs.


We offer a fleet of small bobtail trucks and large tankers for sale, both new and refurbished options. We have every size of propane truck that you could need, and we can even paint your new truck to match your business's branding!


If you have a pre-existing fuel truck that you want to continue using, we can provide full-service conversion to enable you to use your truck for propane delivery. We will even add our Klean Harness system to ensure a long-lived delivery system!


We will come out and repair your propane truck on-site! We understand the frustration of inspections and repairs that take your propane transport trailer out of commission and make an effort to get you back to work faster!


If you need an upgraded or replacement propane tank for your trucks, we have full fabrication capabilities to build a propane truck that will perfectly suit your needs, from body to bed to tank, and everything in-between!


Our shop doesn't just include big-ticket items. We also offer every part you might need inside your truck. From pumps and hose reels to lighting and meters, you'll find every propane truck part you need and can't find at a standard car shop.


Experience These Great Benefits When You Choose Us

Not all propane tank companies offer the full range of services that you want. Your propane delivery truck needs won't end once you've driven off the lot. You will eventually need parts replaced, tank trailer repairs, and your tank inspected. We offer you stress-free convenience, the pride of a custom job, and the peace of mind that comes with experience in inspections and regulations. You deserve a company that will keep your operation running at maximum capacity, full efficiency, and entirely happy.

Relationships are key at Keehn. As an industry leader, we know the work we do reflects on us. That's why it's our goal to build a long-term partnership with you based on your trust in our abilities. We want to help you remain profitable far into the future—no matter what the future brings.


Get a Better Propane Truck Electrical System with THE KEEHN KLEAN HARNESS SYSTEM

A propane truck's electrical system is responsible for nearly 80% of front and back upfitter issues, and poor wiring and complex design can be difficult to repair. Our patented Keehn Klean Harness System was invented to eliminate driver frustration and repair time caused by badly designed or overly complicated wiring systems.

Our custom-printed cab switch packs will provide you with an in-cab control and display, preventing the bothersome back-and-forth of checking the rear of your truck and getting back in. Most injuries occur during propane delivery truck entry and exit, so this is not just a convenience but a health and safety tool as well!

It's just one more way Keehn's experience makes your job easier.

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